Step by step, the wind blew in the raven haired maiden’s crown— The sun high but the breeze around her cold and dry as the winter’s air. Her hand in her pocket, Malia took a walk within the woods, trying to clear her head of everything— And everyone. But there was always him popping up once in a while. She had known him for a few days and yet she felt as if a piece of her had been ripped away. It felt weird and uncomfortable; She didn’t like it. Brushing her fingers in her hair, she sat down on a log, head in her hands as she sighed, not feeling the presence behind her.

August 08
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    "Why would anyone stab you? I guess I already had this conversation with your friend but still… You seem so nice." Or at...
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    Jayden was caught off guard of her hug, letting his hands rest on her head and her back before feeling her pull away....